Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Kids' Day

It is nice having kids around the Farm again. I must admit. Even thought they aren't mine they are my grandkids so I am enjoying them. Little Matthew is still very young and not doing much; in fact sometimes he is pretty hard to find!  Today we found him hiding behind the door panels for the goat house. He was taking a nap in the shade.

 Jeffrey and Emily took their afternoon nap with their nanny under the chicken tractor.

It's a rough life for a little goat, isn't it?

It cooled down a little later in the day and Jeffrey and Emily got a little bit frisky with their mommy. They were climbing all over her - and she didn't seem to mind one bit! 

Of course we nanny goats never mind what our kids get up too. You will remember that my Kevin tried to surf on me.

Emily and Jeffrey played like this for quite a while and then Emily started to fall....


Boy was she dusty after she got up. 

Poor little goat. But it didn't seem to bother her any as you will see tomorrow. 
When Emily and Jeffrey get stumped.


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