Monday, September 21, 2009

Jeffrey and Emily Get Stumped

As you saw yesterday the kids are really starting to hop around and play. They are so funny! While Matthew is not quite hoppy yet, he will be soon.

Jeffrey and Emily discovered the stump in one of the pens so of course they had to hop on it. Jeffrey got up there first.

Abby was standing by just checking things out. She has been good with the new kids. She hasn't butt them.....much.

 Jillian came up to see what Jeffrey was up to with Emily right at her side. Jeffrey tried to hop on her!

Then Emily decided to join Jeffrey up on to the stump. She isn't going to let Jeffrey be the star!

 Jeffrey then decided to leave and he left Emily all alone on the stump. Isn't she adorable?

Then she leapt right off to go and find a drink of milk from her Nanny!

 Such excitement on the Farm!

Tomorrow will be Goatucation. The publicist has my schedule all confused. I think she is testing me. Since there were a couple of people asking it will be a Publicistcation. The publicist will explain how she came to be a goat farmer.


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