Monday, September 7, 2009


I can't believe it is Monday again and time for another Goatucation. But this is a holiday Monday so I want to make sure that all of us Happy Goats wish all of you humans in the US a Happy Labor Day.

So now for our question; it comes to us from The Daily Cute. Cute asks,"How long are goats pregnant for? How soon can we expect the next kid?"

Well, having been pregnant recently and several times before I consider myself an expert on Nigerian Dwarf gestation. Goats are pregnant for about 5 months - anywhere from 145 - 152 days.  I don't know how you humans stay pregnant for 9 whole months. It was hard enough for 5 with all those legs kicking me. And boy, when I had the twins and there were 8 legs kicking me, WHEW! I was glad to be done.

Now you all know that the paparazzi were here taking photos of me and calling me "wide load" when I was towards the end of my pregnancy.

I really don't think this was very nice.

Jillian is looking quite round these days but she should be. She will be having her kid any day now and a pregnant goat should be round.

I hope this answered your question, Cute.
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Tomorrow: News about Kevin and Harry


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