Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goatucation of a Sort - How the Publicist Came to be A Goat Farmer

Once upon a time there was a city girl who was living in a state called New Jersey. She had gotten sick and her husband decided that it was time to enjoy life while they could. So they sold their house and gave away their furniture. They bought a fifthwheel trailer and went off on an adventure; they were going to travel around the country and see the sights.

And they did.

They went to the desert of Arizona, the red rocks of New Mexico, Yosemite, Carlsbad Caverns, the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyon. They saw Canyonlands, Arches, White Sands and Coral Sands. They saw New Orleans before Katrina. They traveled through California, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. 

But they fell in love with Montana.

They went back East to make sure they wanted to move to Montana. They looked in Upstate New York and it WAS beautiful but Montana won out.

They had been campground hosts for two summers and met some very nice people who just happened to own goats. Once the publicist saw the goats she fell in love. How could she not - goats are cute! Their friends were changing over from Nigerian Dwarf goats to Nubian goats and offered to give Pricilla and Abby to the publicist and male person. They weren't quite ready but they got a pen set up.

They did lots of reading so they would be prepared. But is one ever really prepared for something as stubborn and challenging as a goat? They are lots of work but they are full of fun and love.

The publicist had never dreamed she would be a goat farmer. In fact it had never had crossed her mind until she met Pricilla and Abby. That sealed her fate.  The rest, as they say is history.

Wouldn't this face do you in?

Tomorrow: Wordless Wednesday


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