Saturday, September 5, 2009


The male person's garden continues to provide us with yummy treats. He harvested the corn and that means so many different things to eat for us; we get the husks, the corn cobs and the corn stalks. Oh, boy do we love the corn harvest!

The first thing we get are the husks. Everything else has to dry. We had so much fun eating the husks I don't think I can get it in all in one post. Abby, of course, had to get on the big spool to eat hers. She did allow little Harry up there with her.

Jillian really enjoyed her husks. I don't blame her - they are tasty.

Mallory was all about chomping, chomping chomping.

Kevin hid around the other side of the spool to get away from all the action. I can't say that I blame him!

 He was smart too - he used the spool to help hold up his husk!

I, of course was a dainty eater.....

You can see just how much we all enjoyed the corn husks. I will show you some more photos tomorrow. Including the big boys and the chickens. THE CHICKENS?!

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