Friday, September 11, 2009

AbbyDay - Yes, Harry is Gone. But That Means More Hay for Me!

I know, I know! It's sad and all but hey, I knew he was going. He has go out on his own. I am not a clingy nanny. It's rather nice not having him butt my udder all day long and bother me when he wants some milk. He's old enough to be out grazing. OK - I miss his cute little cowgoat self but I know I have another kid next year.

I am not one for dwelling on things.

But I know you readers would like to see some photos from Harry's stay here on the Farm so I will oblige. Then we can get back to me, me, me! 

He was a little cutie when he was born. 

And he only got cuter as he grew.


He looks like he is trying to look studly here:

 But I am not sure a cute little cowgoat can pull off "studly." Especially one that has been "fixed."

He liked to play with his Uncle Kevin and did win the Battle for the Ultimate Spool Supremacy!

And I know that everyone loves the action shots!

 This is one of the publicist's favorites:

I know he is on a great Farm with good people taking care of him. So I say fare well, little Harry. Grow strong as I know you will. I taught you well!

Good, that's over. Now next week I can talk all about me and not have to talk about the kid any more.

I offer thoughts today to all who lost loved ones on 9/11.

Tomorrow: A Mystery


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