Thursday, August 6, 2009

WHO is in The Chicken Tractor?

It was an exciting day on the Farm. Most days are exciting in one way or another but this day was particularly exciting.

It started with this...

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you! That is a rather large hole in the side of the chicken tractor. What could have caused such a thing. Certainly not one of us! We are such angelic goats, aren't we?

I think a closer inspection is necessary.

Oh my! That is not a chicken I see in there is it?
It is a goat.
A rather large goat.
A pregnant goat.
A Jillian goat. This is not good.

I don't think the chickens were too thrilled with this situation either. They took to clucking and dancing around on the outside of their home.

The male person decided he had to take quick action! Remember, there is GRAIN in the chicken tractor and too much grain is not good for us goats. SO HE CLIMBED INTO THE CHICKEN TRACTOR HIMSELF.

All I have to say to that is, "Ick."

He crawled along and erm, urged Jillian out ...

Little by little

Until she was finally back in the goat pen where she belonged.

What a baaaaaad goat!
The male person was not happy. Not happy AT ALL.

Come back tomorrow and see Harry learn to stealth graze.


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