Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ultimate Spool Supremacy - The Kids Do Battle, Part I

Today instead of being a SpokesGoat I am a Sports Reporter. I am here to give you a play by play on the next round of Ultimate Spool Supremacy - The Kids Do Battle. Yes, you read that correctly! You are right in that this means that little Harry has learned to jump up on the spools. Since he has learned to leap up there he just wants to play and play and play! And what better playmate than Kevin the goat? They are pretty close in size and age so they are a good match up.

So here is my report. In this corner we have Harry the goat, small but fast; and able to leap.

In this corner we have Kevin the goat, a little bigger, with noticeable horns; and able to hop. Perhaps overconfident.

The opponents bow to each other before the match and agree to play fair.

Kevin comes out strong with a good butt to Harry that almost upends him.

But little Harry is quick and he runs around to respond.

But then, Kevin seems to get the upper erm, horn...

Come back Tuesday to see how the battle ends up! Tomorrow will be Goatucation with a question from The Old Grey Egg from Random Living on a Northwoods Farm- What's your opinion on dehorning? If it's decided to have a hornless goat, what's your preferred method?


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