Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Publicist is Cheating on Us - Part II

Yesterday I reported the very upsetting news that the publicist was cheating on us.

She is seei
ng other goats!

Not just seeing them, but milking them too. The evidence is shown in photos in my blog post. I can't show it again; I get too upset. I just hope she doesn't deci
de to run off to the other Farm and leave us. The other Farm has so many fun animals. It has sheep. Sheep that baaaa in bass. The publicist said she has never laughed so hard in her life because the sheep baaaa so low.

And look at the loooooong tail on this one sheep. Has anyone ever seen a sheep with such a long tail?

There were even MORE goats there. More than the ones I showed you yesterday. These little goats live in another pen and even I have to admit they are cute.

This is their hay feeder and boy do they love to eat.

I know several of you are looking forward to seeing the alpaca. Well, here she is!

She wasn't very friendly at first but the publicist won her over. Doesn't she have a sweet face? (What am I writing?! I don't want to think the alpaca is sweet. I don't want the publicist to like it at the other Farm.)

There is a very nice horse too but she did not want her picture taken. She was playing shy. She went to the back of her barn where it was too dark and the publicist could not get her photo. Oh well. The publicist said she was generally very friendly and even ate some apple (even the horse got some treat!) but she didn't like the camera.

Of course there was a Farm cat!

And chickens! lots and lots of chickens.

The publicist says that today is her last day to babysit these goats. I will have to wait and see if this is true. I hope so. I hope she doesn't bring home any more goats. Or cats. There are enough goats here on the Farm. And enough cats. I know the male person will agree with me on that.

Tomorrow is Goatucation Day! I answer a question from blueviolet:
I am wondering if when they are born if all of their spots and coloring carry through into adulthood or does that change over time?


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