Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kid of the Hill

The big goats are not the only creatures on the Farm that enjoy the weeds up on the Hill. The little kids like to go up there too. I don't blame them! As I showed you yesterday there are lots of yummy knapweeds up there and boy are they delicious. Little Harry and Kevin did their fare share of munching.

Kevin loves to eat. But sometimes it is just nice to stop and enjoy the view.

But then some serious munching must be done.

Harry just tries to not get lost in the weeds.

He is still small you know.

We have been having a fair bit of rain lately but today when we were heading up to the barn for the night we saw this.

The publicist said it's been a long time since she saw the complete arc of a rainbow. It was very vibrant in person.

Tune in tomorrow for our next Goatucation post!


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