Thursday, August 13, 2009

A (Good) Day in the Life of the Publicist - Part III

Boy I cannot believe it is taking me three posts to show you what the publicist does in a day. And I am only showing the highlights! She is very busy and I am glad we goats have her to take care of us. We left off yesterday as we were all running up to the barn to go in for the night. At least for us that is a very fun part of the day because we know that we will soon be getting our apples! You know how much we love apples around here. Right now we are very lucky as a neighbor has brought us a big box of windfall apples and they are very tasty!

Yum! Yum! Apples. Don't they look good?

But I am getting ahead of my story. The boys are already in the barn by the time the publicist lets us girls loose. They are very excited to see us as we dash into the barn. They peer out of their pens and stare as we go by. (Hi Luke you handsome hunk of goat you)

We run into the barn and we all know where to go. Jillian and Mallory head into their pen and start munching their grain.
Abby runs into our pen for her grain
Kevin goes into his pen

And I get milked

Little Harry has his grain in the barn for now. Kevin can be a little bit testy when it comes to his grain so the junior goats have to be separated for this part of the night.

After I am done being milked it is Abby's turn.

Then we get our apples!

Nom, nom, nom!

After we eat our apples we settle down to eating our hay and the publicist leaves for the night.

Sometimes when she is walking back to the trailer she sees Stinky the cat chasing mice in the mulch pile.

I think she likes to go back and do something called reading. And relaxing. After she cooks dinner for the male person and does the dishes of course. If there is time. Then she goes to bed to wake up the next day and do it all over!

(The publicist said she wants to apologize for the pictures being fuzzy. The male person said it had something to do with exposure and light and then the publicist went into some kind of blank stare and lost all ability to understand what he was saying. She is never going to be a photographer. She hopes you get the idea.....)

Come back tomorrow to see Who is King of the Hill...or Queen!


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