Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A (Good) Day in the Life of the Publicist - Part I

The publicist laughed at me when I told her I wanted to do a blog post called "A Day in the Life of the Publicist." She said it would take more than one post to cover what her day was like. Especially if it was one of her good days. She is sick sometimes and doesn't do much some days. But on her good days she gets a bit done. Of course her schedule runs around us goats - we are the most important thing in her day! So here is what she does:

She gets up and comes out to get us goats. But Black Cat is visiting so she runs back to the trailer to get him something to eat.

Then she comes into the barn where we are waiting for her. Less than patiently...Mallory jumps up to say hello

Luke peers out of his pen

Michael head butts his pen - he is a touch testy in the morning!

Abby and I just stay calm because we know we will soon get grain

Harry and Kevin are happy to see the publicist

The big boys go out first - Luke waits patiently for the publicist.

The boys get their grain

Then they go for some hay. Hmmm, do you see Luke's head anywhere? I don't. He must really like his hay!

Then Jillian and Mallory go out- but they have to explore the barn first. They do this every day!

Then out they go. Run, run to the gate.


Yummy! They even share nicely.

Oooh it's my turn for grain. Do I look happy? Or psychotic?

I get milked

Abby gets milked

Doesn't the milk look good?

Then we all go out to our pen.

Then the publicist gets to do non-goat things. Can you imagine? Tomorrow I will continue with how the publicist spends her good days. I promise there will be more of us!

Before you go today I am a very proud goat. My friend Karen at ecokaren wrote the nicest things on her blog about me and my rich soap. She interviewed the publicist and everything. My picture is there. It makes me feel like a special goat.

Don't forget about my soap sale! There are Harry the CowGoats in a number of scents listed in my shop.


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