Monday, August 31, 2009

Goatucation - How Long are We Milked

Today is Goatucation day and I just loves me some Goatucation. How about you? Today's question comes from Julia. Now Julia is a busy blogger - she has two blogs; A Simple Life and The Apron Goddesses. The publicist tried to take a picture of me wearing an apron for Julia's blog. Harumph! I am a goat, not an apron model. But that is for another post. Today is Goatucation. Here is the question: How long can the publicist milk you goats after the kids are weaned?

This is a very interesting question and of course I can only speak for myself. After I had my two kids, Sarah and Michael - aren't they the cutest?

The publicist milked me for about two years. Now I wasn't giving as much milk at the end of the second year as I was at the beginning. Then about a month before I was to have my big date with that marvelous hunk of goat Luke

The publicist stopped milking me altogether so my system could have a rest.  Then after Luke and I danced the Rhumba my udder started preparing for little Kevin's birth. Or should I say big Kevin 'cause he was a big kid!


 I hope this answered your question, Julia.

Tomorrow you will see a carrot top eating orgy!


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