Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Down in the Valley

Well, it's not really a valley but a goat can pretend, can't she? The publicist and male person have a very nice piece of land for our Farm. It is flat on top, with a steep bank down to the river. There is also a bit of a gully between their Farm and the next lot. We always go down into the gully as part of our daily graze. I call it The Ravine because it sounds so much more intriguing than a plain old gully. Right now there are lots of tasty bushes and weeds and grasses down there to eat. You can see Jillian is having a good munch on one right here

I think she is really enjoying herself. Well, she is eating for two!

Mallory looks a bit jealous and seems to want a taste of Jillian's tree. Hmmm, I will bet a little goat fight ensued.

Is that a little white goat I spy?

Kevin and Harry love to go exploring. I think they spend more time running around than they do grazing. But kids will be kids.

After much eating of delicious leaves it was time to head back up the hill. I love our view!

Of course we stop for for some grazing along the way.

Little Harry seems to like to play hide and seek.

All in all a very nice way to spend our afternoons. I hope you liked seeing how we spend some of our time.

Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday


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