Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CSI: Happy Goats Farm

The Crime: The publicist went into the barn to let the boys out and found signs of a break in in Luke's pen. Or was it signs of an attempted break out?

The Evidence: A broken board and pieces of wood on the floor of Luke's pen.

A nail was popped further along the board.

The Suspects: Luke the goat; black and white with curly horns. Even tempered but capable of charging when provoked.

Michael the goat; brown and white and wild tempered. Will always charge regardless of provocation.

A review of the forensics reveals that the board broke INTO Luke's pen so it must have been MICHAEL THE GOAT banging his head on the boards.

Michael the goat is the guilty party.


Tune in tomorrow to find out it is the publicist does around here; or is there a third spool in the doe pen?


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