Friday, August 14, 2009

AbbyDay - Who is King of the Hill....or Queen?

Hooray it's AbbyDay! You know how much I love to have my day on the blog. I personally think I should have AbbyDay everyday. Why should Pricilla have all the glory? I am the prettiest goat on the Farm.

Well, anyway, there is a hill just behind the male person's big truck. It is not a big hill but it is a hill nonetheless. We goats love to climb the hill and eat the weeds that grow on it. We all went over on the hill the other day but of course I looked the best over there and I was the Queen of the Hill.

I mean, look at me up there - aren't I just stunning?

Look at me munching the tasty weeds.

I bring little Harry up there too so he can get the yummiest bits.

I think the purple flowers of the knapweed just look beautiful against my fur. I show them off well, don't I?

I think I am truly the Queen of the Hill! What do you think? This is the look I will give you if you disagree.....

Tune in tomorrow to see how everyone else enjoyed their stay on the hill.


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