Saturday, August 8, 2009

AbbyDay - A Day Late

It seems the publicist has been having a good time at our County Fair and she got our blogging schedule all confused. Yesterday should have been AbbyDay but she was too excited thinking about Fair food and she forgot all about me! I think that is just not right. Who does she think she is thinking she has a life away from the Farm? We goats are all she should care about. I think I am going to give her a good butt to remind her of her priorities. Pfffffttt to her! At least now I am able to have my AbbyDay and do my blog post. I know you readers look forward all week to seeing photos of my beautiful self and schedule your Fridays around it. The publicist should not mess with your lives like that.

To make up for the publicist I am just going to show you some photos of me being me. What more could you want for AbbyDay? I am, after all a perfect specimen of goat. My shiny black coat, my little white patches. My mischievous little smile. Aaaaaah... so here I am doing what I do. Enjoy!

I graze

I go on the wood pile

I am a good nanny

Be sure to come back tomorrow for an exciting announcement from Pricilla about her


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