Sunday, July 26, 2009

Who Else Was in the Wood Pile?

The wood pile has been a popular spot lately. You saw all the fun Harry had there yesterday.
Abby had her fun there too. But who else do you suppose was in the wood pile that day?
Why those big eaters, Jillian and Mallory of course! They never miss an opportunity for a good munch.
They each picked a spot and started scoping out the best place to nibble and eat.
Jillian loves looking among the branches for a yummy lichen.

Mallory prefers nibbling on the bark of the logs.

Is that Mallory doing some stealth grazing in the wood pile?

Uh-oh! A little white goat has hopped into the pile. That can only mean trouble! Tune in Tuesday to see what Kevin did in the wood pile.
Monday will be Goatucation - Do Goats Know Their Names?


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