Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Heck with Schedules

As the publicist mentioned it was too late for me to blog last night. I am sorry about this as I like to keep my blog updated. I am a responsible goat. But I can also be a rebellious goat. You can see my stubborn face here:

I don't want to do Goatucation today. Goatucation is for Mondays; this is Tuesday so I am going to do what I want. I am sad about my goat friends and I don't want to talk about bad food to eat. Instead I am going to show you pictures about very confused Farm animals. I have already written of how Kevin was not sure he was a chicken or a goat. Now I think the chickens are not sure of what they are! The publicist looked out her window and this is what she saw:

A CHICKEN WAS DRINKING OUT OF MY WATER BUCKET. The chickens have their own water they don't need mine!

Then the chicken WENT INTO MY GOAT HOUSE! Isn't it bad enough they are in my pen? Now they are going in my goat house?!

It wasn't only the chickens! I looked over at the refilled water bucket and, well...

Fred the Farm cat was drinking out of it. Seriously! He has plenty of water. He doesn't need mine. Fred is not a goat. Fred is a cat. A crazy cat.

So you can see some silly things go on around this Farm. It is good I keep an eye out and let the publicist know what is happening.

Thank you for being patient with my absence yesterday and for your kind words about my sick friends.


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