Friday, July 10, 2009

The Return of AbbyDay! - My Life as a Nanny

Yes, Pricilla has decided to give me my day on the blog again. Truth be told I really think it was the publicist but I will let Pricilla sound like a nice goat; at least for this one day. Before I get to my wonderful tale of being Harry's nanny I want to ask you all a favor. The wonderful blog Secondary Roads is having a Blogosphere's Got Talent Contest and my little Harry is entered. That's right MY LITTLE HARRY. I am sooooo proud. He is entered for his talent of leaping from hay bale to hay bale. So, if you wouldn't mind checking out the contest and voting - of course you don't HAVE to vote for Harry.....I promise not to butt you if you don't.(The publicist made me write that.)

Now on to my tale. Harry is, of course, the cutest kid in the world. That is because he is my kid. I would only produce cute kids. He is getting very active and sometimes he can be a little pesky. But I am a good mom and I put up with his climbing

And his standing on me.

Now I do have to draw SOME lines with the little devil, even if he is cute. Chewing on my horn is a bit much! I am not a goat snack!

I had finally had enough of all this wrestling about so I told Harry to go lie down by the goat house. At last, peace.

But he does look a bit forlorn, doesn't he?

I am glad to be back and you can look for regular AbbyDay posts on Fridays from now on. Hooray!


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