Thursday, July 16, 2009


You will recall that we goats eat minerals. They are good for us and provide us with nutrients we don't get with our food. You will also recall that we have a mineral bucket and that sometimes that bucket is not always used for its intended purpose. Right now the mineral bucket is helping to block entrance to the chicken tractor so the chickens can get in and out but the little goats can't. So I guess it is a multi purpose bucket! Since we still need our minerals the publicist has been putting them in a feed bin for us. Mmmmm, I love minerals and so apparently does baby Harry. He has discovered just how good minerals can be. Here he steps up and gives a sniff when he sees his nanny, Abby having some

He figures they must be good if she is eating so much of them and takes a taste

Oooh, they ARE good!

He gets so excited about these new yummy things he knocks the feeding bin right off the fencing! Silly goat!

The publicist had to come in and fill up the bin again and put it back so the rest of us could have a taste.

Kevin isn't going to be out done by little Harry. He shares some tasty minerals with me

But then Jillian decides she is going to fight for the minerals. They are hers, all hers!

But things settled down and the biggest goat and the littlest goat could enjoy the minerals together ...

...which is how it should be!


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