Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Male Person, His Garden and the Goats - Part I

The male person is the gardener on the Farm and I, for one, thank him. We goats get the weeds he pulls and other tasty bits from his big garden and they are a nice treat and quite yummy. As the garden dies off in the winter we get the corn stalks and broccoli plants. It's a good deal. Sometimes when he is working in the garden he will even pick off some tender spinach leaves and bring them to us. Isn't he just wonderful?

Well he was went into the garden to get some lettuce and spinach for his and the publicist's dinner and Mallory thought she would wander over and see what he was doing. Only she didn't just watch him, she put her head through the fence! Much like Jillian did here.

The male person must not have been too annoyed because he gave her a piece of tasty lettuce.

Of course she wanted more...

Then she decided to nibble on the grasses and weeds on the garden side of the fence. Hmmm, she MUST have learned that from Jillian. You would NEVER see ME doing such a thing, now would you?

Mallory looked back at the male person and he must have REALLY been in a generous mood because he gave her some more lettuce. Harumph, maybe I should have been over there.

Aaah, what is that she hears?

You will have to come back tomorrow to see what happened next!

Please go and vote for my grandkid Harry in the Blogosphere's Got Talent Contest at Secondary Roads. I think he is talented, but I, of course, am prejudiced.


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