Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kevin in the Wood Pile

Aaaah, the wood pile! I love the wood pile! As you have seen we have ALL been enjoying the wood pile lately, from Harry, to Abby to Jillian and Mallory. But who is left? Why the little white goat! What did Kevin do in the wood pile - why eat, of course!

He also showed his nephew Harry where some of the best bits to eat could be found.

Isn't he a nice Uncle?
He loves to scratch his head on the branches in the wood pile - I have to admit it does feel good!

He loves to clamber about. Sometimes I wonder about him, but I guess I know what he is doing. He explores the part of the wood pile that has the waste wood from the building of the publicist's house. He is not supposed to go there but he does. Baaaad Kevin!

Isn't he just the cutest kid?

Tomorrow you will learn what what happened when Harry met Stinky.


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