Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'm King of the World....the Hay World

As I have written about in several posts before we now have a HUGE hay pile on the Farm. You also know we were all bad goats in the hay pile. But Kevin, well his experience in the hay pile is a story all on its own.
Kevin jumped into the hay pile just like the rest of us, but he didn't stop at the bottom.

Then he hopped all the way up to the top!

He stayed up there even though Mallory was erm, encouraging him to come down.

I swear I heard him maaaaaa something to the effect that he was, "King of the world."

Crazy goat!
He did some exploring while he was up there. What he was looking for, I have no idea.

Aaaah, a tasty bite of hay to munch! I should have known.

He should know better, silly boy. When he went to climb the hay pile the next day the publicist told him NO! and she put him in his pen so he could learn his lesson. I somehow doubt it....What do you think?


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