Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harry and the Wood Pile

Yesterday you all learned how much Abby loves it here on the Farm. Well she is not the only one who loves it here on the Farm. I LOVE IT TOO. Harumph. She thinks she is the only one that counts around here. But this is MY blog and I tell the important tales. So today I am going to tell you all about Harry discovering the wood pile. You all know, of course, how much we goats love the wood pile. It is full of tasty logs and branches to nibble and munch. We hadn't been over there in a while and it was Harry's first time trying bark and lichens and such. Needless to say, he enjoyed himself. Abby took him over there on our graze that day.

He leaped right up on the big logs and started checking things out.

Then he got right down to some serious nibbling.

He checked out all the different parts of the wood pile. He wasn't going to miss a place to munch!

He found something good to eat over there...

He even did some stealth nibbling! He is advanced for his age.

His Uncle Kevin joined him for a bit and even showed him how to scratch an itch on one of the branches. This is very useful information!

He, of course, leaped from log to log. He is a little leaper!

I think he enjoyed his time at the wood pile very much and I am sure he will be going back. Who else enjoyed the wood pile that day? Come back tomorrow to find out!


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