Sunday, July 5, 2009

Harry and the Hay Pile

Oooh, the hay pile is sure seeing its fair share of attention these days. As you know by now the male person brought home our hay for the winter. We thank him for doing all of that heavy work for us. We know we will eat well when the green grass and tasty weeds stop growing. You saw yesterday how we were erm, not so good goats when we were climbing all over the hay pile. Even little Harry got in on the hay pile action! You read that correctly. Little baby Harry was a baaaaad goat. But you have to admit even when he is being a bad goat, he is a cute goat!

Abby led Harry to the hay pile and when she jumped up and started munching away Harry figured out that this might be a tasty place to hop.

He tried to jump up but his first try wasn't quite successful. He IS a tiny goatling yet.

Finally! Harry makes the jump up to the hay pile! It seems to give him confidence because from here on out he was just jumping and flying all over the hay!

He leapt from bale to bale.

He leapt from bale to ground.

He leapt, he leapt all around! Well, Kevin got a poem....

He stopped to sniff the rake handle and decided it wasn't something he wanted to munch.

He did eventually stop all that running and leaping to actually EAT some hay. Nom, nom, nom as Daisy the Curly Cat would say.

I am not sure we older goats should be teaching these bad things to our little goats but that new hay just tastes sooooooo good. I've said it before, we goats are very food oriented. Which is a nice lead in to Monday's Goatucation post - heh heh. You would think I planned that wouldn't you. Be sure to check back when I answer the question "What do you goats eat on the Happy Goats Farm."



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