Monday, July 27, 2009

Goatucation - Do Goats Know Their Names

It is Monday and you all know by now that it is Goatucation Day. My Aunt Vicki who makes really pretty jewelry and has a blog wrote the publicist to ask if we goats know our names and come when we are called. All I have to say in answer to that is...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I won't give up any goat secrets, that is for sure. For the sake of this post the publicist decided to do a test. Silly publicist! She should know by now - but here are the results of her test anyway.

We all have unique names, that is important in a goat herd. If our names sound alike how will we know how to ignore you? Heh heh. The publicist decided to call each one of us and see what happened.

She called me.
She called Abby.
She called Jillian.
She called Mallory.
She got this....

Otherwise known as nothing!

Now the little goats still have some things to learn, so when she called Kevin, he popped right up...

and little Harry came running.

Then she decided to test the bucks. She called Luke. He looked at her and went the other way. Heh heh.
Then she called Michael. Michael is her baby, you know.
He did not disappoint! He ran right up to her and gave her a nudge.

I will admit, he is a good looking goat. But then again. He is my kid!

Now, if she would call us with GRAIN in her hand it would be a whole different response.
So I would say the answer to the question is yes, we know our names but we learn to be judicious about when we answer to it.

I hope you liked today's Goatucation.
Remember to come back tomorrow to see what Kevin was doing in the wood pile.


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