Saturday, June 27, 2009


The publicist came out of the barn and what do you suppose she saw? Knowing this is a Farm full of crazy goats I suppose all manner of thoughts are running through your heads so I will tell you right now to stop the suspense.

She saw Kevin the goat in THE BUCK PEN!!!! Now, granted Kevin the goat was born a buck but he is technically no longer a buck so he does not belong in the buck pen. But there he was.

Michael the goat and Luke the goat didn't know what to do with this little white goat in their midst. He didn't smell like a buck and he didn't smell like a doe. WHAT was he?

They chased him around for a bit. First Michael chased him hither and yon.

Then Luke chased him yon and hither.

Kevin finally decided this was not a good place for a small white goat and he found the hole in the fence through which he entered. I sure hope he learned to not go in the buck pen. Those boys could hurt him!

The publicist had her share of challenges taking these photos so I hope you all appreciate her efforts for you. The bucks think she is a doe and every time she goes in the buck pen they, erm, mark her. Among other things......


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