Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kevin Befriends Stinky

It seems that Kevin has become friendly with Stinky the cat! Somehow when I wasn't watching the two of them played a little game of sniff me and now there is no more cat butting going on. Harumph! What good are cats if not to butt? I watched the other day as Stinky was lying in the sun. If you ask me she looked like she was there's a thought! Sometimes I am not a nice goat, not a nice goat at all. When it comes to cats I am like the male person.

Kevin snuck up to check her out

He gave several good sniffs. I wonder what a cat smells like? I have never taken the time to sniff myself . I just butt and run.

Stinky gave a little pat

Stinky just sat there. They sniffed each other again. It was all very calm and friendly! No claws, no scratching, no butting.

Then they stood up and seemed to just agree to be friends. It was rather cute. I am not sure I agree with this but Kevin is his own goat.

Finaly Stinky just walked off with Kevin following. Harumph! Kevin should have been the leader!

I don't know what the world is coming to. Goats and cats getting along. What have I taught that boy? Hmmmm......


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