Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Would Like to Introduce My Grandkid - Harry the goat

It was a truly happy day on the Farm yesterday as we received a new member into our midst. Please welcome my grandkid,Harry the goat!!! His eyes are not blue, sadly, it's just the camera.

In honor of his birth so close to Father's Day this little bundle of fur has been named for the publicist's father. She is positive he is rolling over in his grave - well he isn't in a grave but you get the idea. Heh heh. Abby had a pretty easy labor and welcomed little Harry with lots of licks. We nanny goats lick our kids a lot in the beginning to clean them off.

He took his first steps within minutes of his birth, wobbly as can be but he was a real trouper! He made his way over to Abby's udder for his first drink of her rich milk with that nutrient rich colostrum.

The publicist thinks he is a little cutie. He is smaller than Kevin was when he was born.

You can sure tell from looking at the little guy that there is NO doubt as to which buck is his daddy.

They are like little goat doppelgangers aren't they? This is Luke when he first arrived at the Farm. He was two months old when he first came to us.

He is of course a very proud daddy goat.

The photos are not as good as the could be as they were taken in the barn in the dark with the flash. The publicist will have much better ones tomorrow when she takes the kid out for his first walk in the sun. I guess it is the year of the buck at the Happy Goats Farm.


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