Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Eat Like a Contortionist So You Don't Have To*

*With all due respect to JD at I Do Things I thought it would be fun if I did something around the internet for a change. As you know the chickens have moved into my goat pen. At first I was most unhappy about this occurrence but I am starting to see some benefits. Mostly chickens eat grain and chickens are sloppy. I have told you on many an occasion that grain is like crack for us goats. We are only given so much grain because some of us - not me of course, I am a responsible goat - would eat ourselves to death if we had unfettered access.

Since the chickens have gotten their free range it leaves the chicken tractor with a bit of lift off of the ground. Just enough lift for me and the other goats to try and sneak a little of the chickens fallen grain. First I check to see if the coast is clear.

Then I kneel down - which is a little tricky for an old goat if I do say so myself.

Then I twist and stuff my head under the chicken tractor! Score! Grain for me!

I also decided that the grass WAS greener on the other side today; on the other side of my fence. In the garden! I stuck my head right through to try and eat some of the weeds in there.The male person is not happy when I do this. He remembers the first year he had his garden. That year I managed to get to his corn. Heh heh. I ate his corn stalks before the corn had a chance to grow. He wasn't very happy with me. Now he puts the corn far enough in that I can't get to it. This year it is in the middle of the garden. Drat!

I can't say that this was any more comfortable that the grain eating exercise but I did get my mouth on some tasty greens.

I then snuck my way out of the hole in the fence and went about my way.

Don't tell the male person, OK?

Later in the day the publicist caught Jillian trying to eat the grain in much the same way I did.

For the benefit of JD, to answer her question, THIS is Jillian! See how her beard swirls?

I hope you enjoyed watching me stretch my old goat body in strange ways to eat my food today. Now you don't have to! Thanks for the inspiration, JD!


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