Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I CANNOT Believe It!

I came down from the barn today and what did I see? Chickens! Not in their chicken tractor BUT RUNNING AROUND MY GOAT PEN!

It seems that the male person thought it was a good idea that they have a bit of free range. He didn't even discuss it with me! You would think that he would at least of had the decency to discuss such a change with the head goat. From what I understand THIS is the culprit that started the great escape...

...the Blue Andalusian. It seems he is the adventurous chicken in the flock. He apparently escaped from the chicken tractor this morning and this how the male person got the idea to set them loose. He figured that they were in the goat pen with us goats so the eagle wouldn't bother them. They had a good time it seems, running about...

They are sure growing. Plus they are eating the icky bugs so I guess they serve some kind of service.

Although Abby did chase a chicken or two. Abby will be Abby!

Jillian and Mallory just checked them out a bit.

I stayed away. I was too upset at this change to even give them my attention. I get so upset when the male person does these things and doesn't let me know. Is it too much for a goat to ask? I don't think so, what do YOU think?


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