Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hide and Seek with Harry

Even though my Kevin is only two months old and still up to kid tricks it is fun to have a tiny goat around the Farm again. It reminds me of when Kevin was first born and discovering all the places to play around here. Today Abby brought Harry into the big goat pen and he was running and hopping all over the place. There were lots of new structures for him to explore and lots of new things to sniff.

He spent most of his time around the big goat house. I can understand this; to a baby goat it must look absolutely HUGE. He was sniffing around the one side where the door pieces are kept.
Then he snuck under them. Where's Harry?

There he is!

Silly little goat.

Abby was looking for him and went over to check him out and make sure he was OK.

Such excitement for a little goat.

The publicist wanted you to see what she sees when she is trying to take photos for you.

Yup, the hopping goat. Hopping on her head. Hopping in front of the camera. Hopping, hopping hopping. He actually hopped on her today and knocked her over on her butt. Silly Kevin!


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