Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Harry's First Day Out

It was a beautiful day so the publicist thought it would be OK if Harry came out of the barn and out to the pens. She carefully carried him down with Abby following behind her bleating away. Abby for all her other problems is a very good mother. The publicist put him down and he started to explore his new surroundings.

Abby started to lick him. We mamma goats just love to lick our new kids.

After a bit she calmed down and let Harry just stand on his own. I have to admit he is a cute little guy.

He did get tired after standing around so he sat down next to his mommy.

This must have given Kevin some ideas because he was a pretty mellow little hopper today.

Pretty soon we will see if Kevin is going to teach Harry all of his hopping tricks!


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