Thursday, June 25, 2009

Harry Meets Kevin

It was a big day here at the Happy Goats Farm - little Harry met his Uncle Kevin. Now this might not sound like big excitement to you but to a two day old goatling it was a day to remember.

The publicist took Harry out and set him down by Kevin the goat. Now I am thinking that Kevin looks less than friendly in this photo. It was the first time Kevin ever saw a brand new goat, though.

Kevin really wasn't sure about this little tiny creature at first. He gave him a sniff.

Then he gave him a bit of a head butt. It was a very gentle head butt if I do say so myself.

Then little Harry tried to run away.

Kevin caught up to him and by this time Harry was really maaaaing.

But I guess he figured that Kevin was A-OK because then they walked off together for some goatling explorations.

Isn't it amazing how big Kevin looks next to Harry. It's hard to believe that Kevin is still a baby at two months old with teeny, tiny Harry around.

I think the whole experience just wore little Harry out though because when Abby caught up to him he just sat right down in the middle of the driveway!

The publicist then picked him up and carried him back to his little goat house so he could rest out of the sun. What a spoiled little goat!!

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Harry and Kevin the goatlings of the Happy Goats


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