Sunday, June 14, 2009


We are very fortunate goats here on the Happy Goats Farm, at least the girl goats are; we have a very large goat pen. In fact, half of the time we don't use all of it. We just stay to one side of the garden. Our pen, though goes all the way around to the other side of the garden and it is full of nice green grass and tasty weeds. Granted the garden is full of yummy spinach and tender lettuces right now but we can't go there. Drat!

Yesterday we all decided to explore the far reaches of our pen. I think it was the chickens that did it. They were exploring over there eating grasshoppers so we all thought we would go and check things out. We had not been there in a bit so the grass has grown quite tall. It almost looks like we are all stealth grazing, but we are not.

It will take us quite a while to eat all of this yummy grass down. Isn't that a shame?

Of course Abby wasn't satisfied with the tasty greens in the pen and she had to try and get to the supposed greener grass on the other side of the fence.

And what do you think that little white thing is there hiding in the tall grass?

Why Kevin of course!

Soon we had our fill and started heading back to the regular part of our pen. I know we will be going back for more of the delicious grass tomorrow. Burp!

What is this picture you ask?

Yes, it is Kevin nursing. The poor male person has been so busy he hasn't had time to clean out a kid pen for him in the barn so I still have my baby with me for a little longer.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for my first Goatucation post where I answer Daisy The Curly Cat's question - how long will it take before Kevin is full grown? Keep the questions coming, I love to answer questions!!!!


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