Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Delayed AbbyDay - The Pesky Paparazzi Have Found Me

Yesterday the publicist was not feeling well and I wasn't allowed in the trailer to post because they didn't want me to get sick too so I am doing AbbyDay on Tuesday. I am sad to report I now know how Pricilla felt when the paparazzi were bothering her. I guess that since I am now a famous SpokesGoat too they are stalking me. Of course they are trying to take photos that make me look bad; the ones from behind. Just like with Pricilla I am not fat I am pregnant!

I think I look to be in good health and I think I have a lovely glow. I mean look at me here

It's only when you shoot me from behind that I look like a house.

Well pretty soon I will have a cute kid just like Kevin and then I will have all the fuss around me. And my kid!


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