Monday, June 8, 2009

AbbyDay - My Last Post For a Bit

As you all know I am very pregnant and will soon have my kid or kids. Even I don't know how many are kicking around in there. Some days it feels like a herd of 12 - I will tell you that! I am getting tired and it is time for me to just relax and enjoy the warm sunshine instead of writing on stupid Pricilla's blog. I know I wanted this gig after she came back from her maternity leave but now I am just tired and she can have it!

I don't have much to offer on my last post except that I am, of course, the best looking goat on the Farm. I don't know how anyone could think otherwise. Even pregnant I am gorgeous. Don't you think?

As I nibble on the tasty green grass I am the epitome of goat gorgeousness. There is no need to even show you any other goat for comparison.

Even when I am occupying another goat's house I look good.

While I graze, I am surrounded by nature's beauty but seriously - can you see anything but me?

So I leave you, my faithful readers with all of these photos of me, me, me and I know that when I return with MY beautiful kid or kids you will be just as in love with them as you are with Pricilla's Kevin. So stay tuned!


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