Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's That Smell?

In honor of Da Old Man we here at the Happy Goats Farm decided to play a game of What's That Smell. Apparently this is a game he plays quite often with his wife, Da Old Lady. Now here on the Farm we have a wide variety of smells I'll bet he doesn't get to smell in Casa Crochety. Starting with goat gas. Unless he is hiding a goat in there and he hasn't shared that with us. But that is another story altogether and we will leave it to Da Old Man to tell....

This is how our game played out. The Farm wheelbarrow was sitting upright with some remains in the bottom. I will get to the remains later. I, being a goat of some class did not participate in this game.

First up was little Kevin. Of course he needed to sniff at the wheelbarrow. We were just lucky he didn't decide to hop in it!

Abigail stood by, egging him on.

But then she gave it a good sniff too.

Mallory wasn't going to miss a good smell. But WAS it a good smell?

Jillian walked on by...she knew better than to smell ANYTHING in the bottom of a wheelbarrow!

I can tell you that the last thing that wheelbarrow was used for wasn't pleasant...oh no! The publicist used it to clean out the buck pen. It carried load after load after load of wet hay full of buck poop, pee and general bad buck smell. She immediately took a shower.

So if any of you can come up with a name for THAT, be my guest.
So, humans - WHAT'S THAT SMELL?! The answer that best amuses the publicist will win a sample sized bar of my rich soap. Uhm, keep it clean humans we have young readers!


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