Thursday, May 14, 2009

What Did the Publicist See?

It started out as a normal, quiet morning. The publicist was sitting in her trailer reading the paper. That morning was the first morning she had put all of us girl goats in the same pen together. I can't say that I was happy about it. Jillian and Mallory are very, uhm, active. That's a good word - active. And playful. They are also very playful. I am an old goat. I like my peaceful time. I don't want to run around and butt heads. But I understand, the fields need to have rest periods too.

The publicist had brought in Jillian and Mallory's goat house so there would be plenty of shelter from the sun or rain. She wasn't too smart in its placement, though, because as she was sitting there reading her paper she heard some strange noises and looked out her window. This is what she saw:


They were up there having a butting contest. Silly goats.

The publicist came out and they jumped down - actually Jillian butted Mallory off and then she jumped down. The publicist was quite upset she wasn't still taking photos because it was quite a magnificent leap!

Abby and I were discussing what to do about them and trying to stay out of the way. Can you see me way in the back of the little goat house? Kevin is in there too!

She went back into the trailer and heard the noises again! And this is what she saw:

Because the publicist was stupid and didn't move the little goat house....

Once she did that Jillian and Mallory could not jump up to the top of the big goat house any longer and all was (mostly) peaceful in the pen.

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