Friday, May 8, 2009

Quick Fixes are Always Neccessary on the Farm

One of our wonderful commenters asked about all of the baling twine on the gate. Given the amount of hay we go through around here we have lots of twine. It can come in very handy. When Luke first came to the Farm he was a little buck and he was scared; he missed his nanny on his old Farm and he missed his brother so he kept trying to escape from his pen. He was small enough that he almost fit through the sections of the gate so the publicist tied some twine to keep him from going through or getting his head stuck. She has just never taken it down.

She has also used the weaving skills - a term she said I should use lightly - to do some fence repairs.

Mallory and Jillian like to, uhm visit Abby and me through a hole in our fence. Since the male person is going to replace the fencing in his "spare time" the publicist figured she better do something for now. She was afraid that Mallory's head was going to get stuck.

Michael is also hard on fencing. If I were to show you photos of all he has done you would be reading this blog for a week. Ha! I made a joke.In fact, he and Luke escaped through a hole in their pen yesterday. Baaaaaad boys! He also broke through the wire in his pen in the barn. He is a very baaaaad buck. But we love him anyway.

The publicist had to make some further fence repairs as Mallory was looking for another spot to go visiting. Let's just say she had help.

More help than she needed.

I also have some SpokesGoat duties today. I love being Spokesgoat...the publicist has made new soap! She made Citrus Explosion and a new scent, Chocolate Mint. These scents will be available in my shop in about a month.
And remember through May 15th The Chicks All Right with Pricilla Soaps and The Rooster in the Goat Pen soaps are on sale for 20% off for all of my very special blog readers. Just put "blog" in the notes to seller and the publicist will either send you a new invoice or a refund whichever you prefer. Soap on sale, isn't that great? Aren't I a wonderful SpokesGoat?

And of course, the newsletter. All signups through May 16th are entered into a drawing for THREE BARS of my rich soap. Woo hoo!


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