Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Michael and Luke - From Fighting to Friends

Michael and Luke tend to be the forgotten goats around here, especially since Kevin arrived. But they are very important members of the Happy Goats Farm. Without them we wouldn't have, well Kevin. So I thought it would be nice to show you a day in their life. The publicist brings them out of the barn and puts them into their pen where they eat their grain and then attack their hay. Unfortunately they then attack each other...

This behavior has really been on display since Jillian and Mallory have arrived. I suspect they are trying to impress the new does on the Farm. Silly bucks! I guess Luke is a little jealous too since Michael got to go on dates with the girls.

To help blow off some of their steam the publicist let them out for a bit of a graze. They enjoyed this; nibbling on the green grass growing around the Farm.

Then they went back into their pen where they made up and had a relaxing afternoon.

So, as much as they fight they really do love each other. Good boys!

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