Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mallory Teaches Kevin

My little Kevin has been spending a fair bit of time playing with Jillian and Mallory. I think this is a good idea as I get a bit tired and it is nice if he can go run off some of his energy with some younger goats. I am not a spring chicken any longer and sometimes having a kid hopping on you over and over again can get tiring.

Mallory has been especially patient with him. She has been teaching him how to butt. It is an important skill for him learn and I am thankful to her for spending the time with him.

She will gently put her head to his and push lightly against him. He likes this.

He will back off a bit and come back for more. They almost look like they are bowing to each other, don't they?

He will also stamp his little front hooves as if to charge her; but she knows he is just practicing.

One day he will be as tough looking as Michael the buck when he gets on his hind legs...

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