Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mallory Teaches Kevin - Lesson Two

At first I wasn't very happy about the arrival of Jillian and Mallory at the Farm. I have to admit that I have come to a certain peace about their being here. I am not always pleased as they still butt me about some and they try and hog all of the hay but they do like to play with Kevin and sometimes this old goat needs a break.

Mallory, in particular, has been very good about teaching little Kevin some of the important skills a goat needs to learn. You will remember that she taught him how to butt in their first lesson together. He has been practicing his butting and is getting very good at it. Whether that is a good thing is yet to be seen.

For their second lesson Mallory decided to teach Kevin how to do the classic goat stomp. You have seen all of us do this; it is where we get up on our hind legs and then stomp down. We do it to express our displeasure at another goat and to look threatening to a predator. You will recall that I did this to Mallory and Jillian.
Here Mallory shows Kevin how it is done.

Kevin then responds with his effort. While good, it still needs work.

I suspect that his size has something to do with it. A small, cute, fuzzy little kid is just not going to look threatening.

I really appreciate Mallory showing this skill to Kevin. One day he will look as fierce as his father, Luke the buck.

Well, the first newsletter has gone out announcing the winner of our big contest. I hope the winner is excited and everyone else is not too disappointed. I am writing this post a bit ahead of time so I don't know who the winner is right now. The name will be posted in the AbbyDay post. It makes Abby feel important when she has jobs like that. I thank everyone for signing up for my newsletter. I hope you enjoy receiving it.


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