Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Hopping Continues....

My hopping kid continues to hop. To hop, hop, hop. He has now gotten enough hop to land on the spools we goats have in our pens. Considering how small he is and how tall the spools are I consider this some serious hopping. I figure some day this kid is just going to hop to the moon!

I think he saw me up on the spool and he thought he was missing something so he just hopped right on up.

Of course once he was up there he couldn't leave me alone. A nanny gets no rest at all!
I think he wanted to Surf Montana Style on the spool!

He hops on one spool...

Then he hops to the other spool.

He's just a spool hoppin' fool!

Then he hops to the ground to start all over again.

Of course I so some hopping too.

I have to to keep up with him. Whew!

If there were kid Olympics I think he would win the gold medal for Spool Hopping! What do you think?


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