Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cats and Goats - Who Rules the Farm?

As you know the Farm has both cats and goats. You have met the Farm cats through the various Intermews that I have done with Fred, Stinky and Pumpkin. You also know that sometimes I have been know to butt the cats. I am not proud of this but I am working on it; I have to admit that it is fun to butt the Farm cats. I am not proud of that either but I am an honest goat.

What you don't know is how the rest of the goats get along with the cats. You have seen the photo of how Stinky feels about Michael. But given that we goats roam around grazing and the cats roam around doing whatever it is that cats do we sometimes run into each other. How do you think THAT goes? Hmmmm....

You will note that it is mostly Stinky involved in these interactions. One has to wonder about that; Stinky is either friendlier than the other cats or stupider.

Here Luke finds Stinky while he is grazing by the barn. I don't think Stinky looks too happy. I think she looks about to bolt.

Kevin, as you know, is an intrepid explorer. One day he and Stinky did a little pas de deux in the field.

It was Kevin's first time meeting a cat and I think he might have been a little afraid.

He maaaed for me and I uh, chased Stinky away. Politely of course!

Jillian and Mallory met up with our visitor cat Tango. The publicist didn't get it on film but Tango went for a little uhm, flight after this meeting. Tango now gives Jillian and Mallory a wide berth.

So you can see that things are exciting here on the Farm and contrary to popular belief cats can fly....

...with a little help from a goat.
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