Monday, May 11, 2009

AbbyDay - I am Going to Blog About Me, Not the Kid

I am starting to fill out now that my due date is approaching. You will notice that I am not as wide as Pricilla was. Ha! She sure did get as big as a house, didn't she. Not me, I am a svelte goat - even while pregnant. I am not going to find myself on the front page of some tabloid with "wide load" printed across my behind.

I am smarter than that. I mean, look at me...I am beautiful.

I am eating healthily; I graze on the nice green grass that is coming up now. The tasty weeds too.

I also take in some fiber by nibbling on the wood pile. Yum!

I have even been known to sneak into Jillian and Mallory's goat house and steal their hay. Don't tell them, though. They might get mad at me.

I think I am just a gorgeous specimen of goat perfection! Don't you?

Oh, yeah. I have to remind you to sign up for Pricilla's newsletter, blah, blah, blah. When I take over this place, you'll see. Things will be more exciting. The deadline for entry to her stupid giveaway is May 16th. But remember, MY MILK is in the THREE BARS rich soap too. MY MILK!!! That makes it even better, so be sure to sign up!


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