Friday, April 3, 2009

Sshhh! Pricilla is Sleeping

Abby here...Pricilla is still sleeping so I have snuck in to do the blogging today. She is getting very slow and tired now that she is so pregnant and since I will be doing this anyway in a few days I didn't think she would mind if I came in today and showed you my headshot for the time that I am spokesgoat for Happy Goat Soap. I know she thinks that I am just going to do this stupid blog and be happy with that, but no! I am going to take over her job! I am going to be spokesgoat and a good one too! I mean really - did she think that I would just do some typing and tell stories and not get all the glory of spokesgoatdom? Then she is one crazy goat. I mean look at me - I am gorgeous!

I have a sleek coat, my horns are perfect. What more could anyone want in a representative? I will do a fine job and I won't be afraid of those paparazzi like Pricilla is. Oh no - if one comes at me out of the garden I will just butt them with my horns. That will be the end of that!

She will see I am ready for this job and it is time for her to retire. She can take care of her kids and let me rule the Happy Goats world. Bwahahahaha!

Hi folks, this is now the publicist writing to you. Abby has been taken to a safe place. A soft place. I think she may have eaten some fermented apples and I hope she will be better tomorrow. If not I will have to find another TEMPORARY replacement for while Pricilla is on her maternity leave. Which goat would you like to see write the blog? Michael, Luke or the, uh, irrepressible Abby?


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