Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soap Answers and Goat Hopping

I am glad that everyone enjoyed yesterday's post on how the publicist makes my rich soap. It was fun for me to write. There were a few questions and the publicist has given me the answers for you.

Hot process soap is a method of making soap where you heat up the oils and fats, then add the lye mixture and cook it some more. It helps to speed up the process of soap making called saponification. With hot process soaps you don't have to have them cure for a month. But hot process soap does not work well with the molds I use. It is a very ancient way to make soap but nowadays is usually done in a crockpot.

Cold process soaps have to cure for them to harden up and for the water to evaporate out of the bars. The soap is really safe to use in about 2 days. The publicist has used my soap this soon without any problems it's just very soft and gets used up very quickly. She does not worry too much because she has lots and lots of my rich soap. The bars just last longer when they have cured.

As to the giveaway winner - they will be able to pick any three bars of soap they would like!

The publicist and I thank you for all of your questions about the soap and if anyone has any others please ask.

I will end today's post with Kevin's latest activity - Pricilla hopping. I don't know what has got into that boy but he seems to think it is a good idea to try and hop on his mommy....

Mallory was being a little threatening there but still I am not a high hurdle!

Remember the newsletter giveaway! All who sign up through May 16th will be entered into a drawing for THREE BARS of my rich soap. I promise not to be a spammy goat. I am a vegetarian.


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