Saturday, April 11, 2009

So Stinky, Tell us What You REALLY Think

I thought this was a very funny photo so I wanted to share it with you. I guess Stinky got tired of being butted!

It's a big day on the Farm! We are getting two new goats today. I don't know their names yet. There is a lady who lives down the road with two girl goats and she does not want them any longer and they are going to join us here at the Farm. The male person is going to pick them up later this after noon. He has to take one of the fire trucks to the town Easter Egg Hunt. To make room for them the boys are now living together in one pen. They are having a good time in there butting heads and eating hay.

The male person spent yesterday cleaning out Luke's old pen and fixing the hole in the fence so the new goats can spend some time in there getting used to the Farm. Then they will join me, Pricilla and little Kevin. I will show you pictures of them tomorrow.

In other exciting news our blogger friend Lin is having a Pay it Forward giveaway on her blog Duck and Wheel with String and she is giving away - as much as I hate to use the word - Pricilla's soap! Isn't that exciting?! Why not go on over and check it out?! You could have a chance to do something wonderful for someone and win a bar of Pricilla's soap plus some other fun stuff. Plus the cat photo at the top of the post is really funny.

As usual I end my post with a lovely photo of ME! Have a Happy Easter everyone!


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